Saturday, January 8, 2022

Test Fit

 Time for a test fit. The ties and rail have been removed, the ballast has been scraped up, and holes have been drilled for the wires for the lights. It appears that everything will fit as intended.

Now back to installing the 3,468 rafter ends along the roof overhang. And the clerestory still needs to be weathered. As can be seen in the photo below, the structure will dramatically change the overall appearance of the engine terminal at Nelsonville.


I'm anxious to see how it will look with the lights on inside. Stay tuned.


  1. Tom, nice work. I look forward to seeing how it impacts operations within the terminal. The track usage seemed arbitrary to this operator. Is expect that the engine house will force more directed use of tracks.

    1. Thanks, Dave. The addition of the engine house shouldn't have much effect on operations. Power moves within the terminal are always at the discretion of the yardmaster. There may occasionally be a car spotted within the building for repairs with blue flags at either end. That may make things a little more interesting for the yardmaster.