Sunday, March 17, 2019

FPS 1218

After the op session yesterday, I took a quick look around the railroad. Everything seemed to be in order, which is very strange given the crew that participated. But upon closer inspection this morning, not everything was as it should be.

It seems some Forest Park Southern MOW equipment was delivered to Big Chimney along with the load of ties that was spotted on the team track. Tucked in next to the speeders by the old station is what you see in the photo below.

FPS 1218 has arrived to help out the MOW crews with any heavy lifting that needs to be done in the area.

The photo below shows a better view of the 1218.

This fine piece of equipment is the work of regular crew member Anthony Hardy. Another CWE regular, Bill Doll of Forest Park Southern fame, had asked operators to bring gifts to him for his last operating session. Always the kind soul that he is, Anthony painted and lettered the prototypically decorated piece of equipment you see in the picture above. Note the attention to detail- the headlight, the appropriate reporting marks, dimensional data, etc. It's hard to believe that Bill would have actually parted with this nice gift. Then again...

Over the years, the railroad has been the victim of mysterious campfires, wondering chickens, a horse car, and now, a special piece of MOW equipment. And it's a pretty safe bet that this fine piece of equipment has just begun its journey across the railroads of the Golden Lamb Association.