Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SJ Cabin Scenery- finally finished!

It took much longer than I anticipated to finish the scenery at SJ Cabin. I got caught up in a number of other projects, including several operating sessions on the layout and operating on a number of other layouts in the area. But here are some shots of the finished area.

Switch stands have been added, ties have been placed between the rails on the main and the yard lead so that the MofW Department can get the speeders out, and some rusty barrels have been added next to the signal maintainer's shed.

A scratch-built oil tank has been added behind the cabin and an electric switch motor now provides dispatcher control of the siding at Hollister Yard. There is also some subtle weathering on the ties at the switches to represent oil stains.

Some tie plates by Monster Model Works have been added next to the section house along with some ties and a speeder trailer.

And lastly, shot of the area with a coal empties extra leaving Hollister Yard. The real payoff for all of this work is when you finally get to run some trains through the scene!