Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Horse Car Rides Again!

The infamous K&LE horse car is on the road again. It was last spotted on the Denver Pacific several months ago. This past Saturday, though, it showed up on the Virginian's Deepwater District. In the photo below, the car is rolling across the Deepwater Bridge over the Kanawha River at the tail end of VGN No.73.

After crossing the bridge, No. 73 rolled into Alloy Yard on the Virginian & Ohio. The car is seen below passing DB Tower as the train moves onto the V&O.

While the rascals weren't anywhere to be seen around No. 73, it's a sure bet that they had something to do with this car being on the train. And in case you're wondering who the rascals are, see this post on the blog:

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