Engine Terminal

Engine Terminal
A couple of Geeps head out from the roundhouse at North Pirece.

Monday, February 27, 2017

A Gift from the Suffolk Northern Railway

The CWE recently received a gift from the Suffolk Northern Railway. The SNR is the creation of Keith VandeStadt and you can see a post on the railroad here: http://cwerailroad.blogspot.com/2015/05/op-session-on-suffolk-northern.html. Keith models the mid-1950's but thought it might be neat to create a more modern paint scheme. So he played around with a number of different shapes and heralds and eventually arrived at the scheme in the photo below.

Keith painted and lettered the car and gave it to me a month or so ago. After the addition of a few details, the car was weathered to reflect how it would appear in 1976. These cars were acquired by the SNR in 1968 so they have gathered a bit of road grime over the ensuing years.

In the photo below, SNR 29307 is in Hollister Yard at North Pierce on a cut of cars bound for Bog Chimney. It will head out during the next operating session on the Big Chimney Roustabout.

It's a great looking car, and it's neat to have some rolling stock from the SNR on the railroad. Thanks again, Keith, for the gift.


  1. Great looking car! CWE has connections.

  2. Tom

    Always great to acquire a car from a "related" line particularly when it is well executed, as this one clearly is