Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The K&LE on TrainMasters TV

John Miller's incredible Kanawha & Lake Erie layout is featured in Act 1 of the September edition of TrainMasters TV. Here's a link to the preview: You can also see more photos of Johns layout on the MRH forum by following this link: And the next link will take you to photos on the forum of the large steel mill complex on the layout:

The photos on the MRH forum don't begin to do justice to the layout and certainly don't convey the enormity of the railroad. And everything is beautifully done. John has a real eye for color and weathering and his structures are unbelievable, both in terms of quality and quantity. And no post about the K&LE would be complete without commenting on the size of the freight car fleet. John claims that he actually doesn't have one of every freight car that's been manufactured over the last 30 years, but few of us believe him. In fact, we know he actually has two or more of many of them...

If you want to hear the story behind the K&LE and see some great video of the layout, check out the September edition of TrainMasters TV.


  1. Tom,

    I recently broke down and got a one month trial subscription to Trainmasters video to check it out. In watching many of the older episodes I noticed you seem to be in many if not all of the layout videos, including the Kanawha and Lake Erie. It would seem there are quite a few very nifty layouts within driving distance of your home. John Miller's layout looks very nice and I especially liked his main yard. You are very lucky to live where you do.



  2. Gerard,

    Cincinnati is a real hotbed of beautiful layouts. While I don't have much experience outside of this area, I'm told that it's fairly unique in terms of the number of layouts that are fairly complete, operate extremely well, and hold regular operating sessions.