Sunday, December 16, 2012

Changes- Slight Correction

Good friend John Miller called and offered a suggestion after reviewing the post on the changes at Logan. He thought it would make more sense to have the unloader at the end of the spur with the team track location between the turnout and the unloader. This way crews wouldn't have to move a hopper that was being unloaded in order to spot a car on the team track. After taking a quick look at the area, I agreed. I wasn't completely satisified with the the overall appearance of the area as seen in the photo below.

The area of the team track seemed "forced" and moving the boxcar toward the unloader would make it seem too crowded. I checked with Stuart Thayer and Anthony Hardy and they quickly agreed with John. Stuart pointed out that all of the unloaders that he's seen were either at the end of a spur or on a dedicated track. So here's the new arrangement.

Moving the unloader will provide more space for the team track, and there is still enough real estate to provide an area where the trucks can pull through. Now it's back to working on the unloader...

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