Monday, December 10, 2012

Changes- Part 2

This past weekend I finished laying the track around Logan, WV. The spur is now complete and ready to accept shipments of ammonium nitrate. The photo below shows how the track arrangement worked out, with a PRR covered hopper spotted at what will be the unloader and an N&W boxcar spotted at the team track location.

The shots below show the overall area along with the new trackwork.

And the two photos below show COXE 24 coming through Logan on its way to Hollister Yard at North Pierce, WV.

Now I need to finish the two Intermountain F7's with Stewart chassis and Kato drives that are sitting on the work bench so I can start on scratch-building the unloader. Stuart Thayer, Anthony Hardy (who started this mess to begin with) and Robby Vaughn have sent photos of a number of unloaders and I'm anxiuos to get started on it.

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