Monday, November 28, 2011

The Beginning...

The Chesapeake, Wheeling and Erie Railroad is an HO scale layout representing a free-lanced, coal hauling railroad set in West Virginia in the mid-1970's. My goal here is to share some of the background of the railroad, talk about various aspects of construction and document progress on the layout over time. Let's start with some pictures.

Stay tuned, and comments are always welcome. We'll see if I can get the hang of this over time...


  1. Tom,

    Congratulations, what you have to date for your blog is fantastic! Will be following this blog with much anticipation, seriously am a major fan of your layout and modelling.

    This is the easy part, making the start. The hard part will be building up the blog with all the content from our layout construction...


  2. Tom,

    I just have to say, your layout absolutely oozes authenticity and believability! You have taken great effort to capture all the little things, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more and learning from your techniques.

    Dan Bourque
    Interstate RR in HO