Approach Slow (Rule 284) at the west end of Big Chimney, WV

Approach Slow (Rule 284) at the west end of Big Chimney, WV

Monday, November 9, 2020

Track Plan

The CWE was featured in the June 2016 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman and the article included a beautiful track plan drawn by then editor Stephen Priest. I recently received permission from Otto Vondrak, the current editor of RMC, to post the plan on the blog with proper accreditation.  So here it is!

©2016-2020 White River Productions, illustration by Stephen Priest. Used with permission.

This plan is the result of Stephen's amazing talent and interest in the railroad, and I'm grateful to him and the folks at White River Productions for taking the time to make this happen.


  1. That is very helpful in putting your layout in context. Thanks!

  2. What is the scale of the track plan?

  3. Such a great trackplan and the use of available space. I do hope I'm able to visit/operate sometime- Lord willing.

    David Stewart

    1. Thanks, David- I hope you can visit sometime, too.