Wednesday, September 11, 2019


The two cabooses that I mentioned in the last post are now in service. The photos below show them awaiting their next assignment on the caboose service track at North Pierce.

Both of these are in pool service and so are available for the next road train. The caboose to the left is in dedicated mine run service out of Hollister Yard.

One of these cabooses will replace the N&W caboose on NW-17/18 which is the transfer run that comes in to Nelsonville from the Wilson Bridge Branch. There are major changes in order for this train, including the elimination of the N&W caboose and the six N&W hopper cars that get spotted at the tipple in Nelsonville. But that's the topic of another post- stay tuned!


  1. Tom, love the new waycars (I'm a CBQ fan) and the weathering job on them. Nothing should look new and shiney in the coal fields. Too bad about the NW hoppers though. That operation reminds me of the old IRR operation of getting foreign road hoppers loaded and off the property in one day so they could use them for free.

  2. Tom, great looking Cabeese, One of my favorite aspects of Railroading!