Thursday, February 28, 2019

Declaring Victory

As of this morning, I am declaring victory in the campaign to build an operating replica of a Union Switch and Signal CTC panel for the railroad. The last few remaining pieces of hardware were installed last night and configured this morning. The photo below shows the results.

And here's one last look behind the scenes.

There are still a few signals to place in service and a switch lock to install at the west end of North Pierce, but the panel is complete. This project is a dream-come-true for me. And it wouldn't have been possible without the help of many individuals, including Bill Ford, Randy Seiler, David Stewart, Mike Burgett, and all the others who have written articles about signalling and dispatcher's panels in the past. But most importantly, this would never have happened without the guidance and direction of Gerry Albers. In addition to providing his Signals By Spreadsheet product, he was instrumental in helping me learn how to actually make this all work. I am eternally grateful for his inspiration, friendship and patience. I am truly blessed to have met him, along with all the other fine people who have become great friends through this wonderful hobby of ours.

Now it's back to building more rolling stock and locos!


  1. That is very cool! Congrats on finally pulling it all together. Now everyone on your crew will be fighting for the Dispatcher job!

  2. A major accomplishment indeed, and milestone. Congratulations Tom.

    And at such moments we reflect upon how much we owe to the others God sends our way to be part of the journey. We are all blessed by the deep friendships that come from being a part of this hobby.

    Enjoy dispatching!