Friday, May 12, 2017

Making Progress

More progress has been made on the two company houses at Logan. The roofs and porches are complete, the foundations have been added and the structures have been weathered. The shot below shows them placed in position.

Steps and railings will be added once the ground cover is in place. Some additional details will be added to the porches as well.

The shot below shows how the houses will be positions relative to the company store. I struggled with what to add to the space on the right side of the green house until I reviewed the prototype photos again. So now there will be a short gravel drive where the pickup is parked.

And progress has been made on the new engine terminal panel at Hollister Yard. The wiring is about two thirds complete and should be finished in the next week or so. Compare the photo below to the one posted here:

Slowly but surely...


  1. The railings look good. I especially like what I assume is a screen door on the white house, as well as the window A/C unit.

    -Jack Shall

  2. Thanks, Jack. That is indeed a screen door on the white house, and if you look carefully at the second shot of the houses, you'll see that the green house has one too. It's been left slightly open, as if the closing mechanism is broken. The screen doors and screen material are made by American Model Builders.