Engine Terminal

Engine Terminal
EB-14 drifts into the siding at Big Chimney, WV.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Case of the Missing Boxcar

In the process of staging the railroad for an upcoming op session, I discovered a missing freight car. It appears that K&LE 50829 has left the building. I have a car card and waybill, but no freight car. It was supposed to leave Nelsonville on the Dry Creek Roustabout at the end of the last session. I've checked staging, the floor under the layout, all of the yards, the tunnels, all to no avail. Below is a picture of the poor missing car.

There was a motley group of operators here for the last session, and the missing car may be the result of some devious action on the part of one or more of them. Not to point any fingers, but John Miller did stop by briefly during the session. And if I recall correctly, he was wearing a large, overstuffed coat that easily could have concealed something. Just sayin'...

If anyone spots the missing car, please call the authorities immediately.

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