Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chicken Car

The most recent GEICO commercial features a free range chicken roaming the country. In one segment, the chicken is riding the rails in a boxcar. Good friend Jim Rollwage couldn't let an opportunity like this pass, so he put together the chicken car. In the photo below, FRC (free range chicken) is shown in a UP boxcar in the yard at Random on the Forest Park Southern.

There's story about the tank car next to the boxcar, but that's a tale for another time.

A few weeks after the photo above was taken, FRC had made it into onto the Chesapeake, Wheeling & Erie. The photo below shows him rolling eastbound into North Pierce.

It's hard telling where FRC may end up next. As the commercial says, "If you're a free range chicken...".


  1. Tom - I bet it was the chicken that is responsible for the mysterious campfire!... BTW, I mentioned you in my new blog, in the entry on my redesigned peninsula backdrop... hope that was OK, as is including the CW&E on my blog list... best regards - Jim

  2. Jim,

    You may be right about the chicken and the mysterious campfire.

    I stumbled across your blog about a week ago when I checked out the backdrop post. Very clever use of those clips to attach the backdrop supports to the ceiling grid. I didn't read the previous post far enough to see the reference to the CW&E, but it's certainly fine with me that you mentioned the railroad. And thanks for adding the link to the blog.

    BTW, I have included a link to The Old Main Line Subdivision on the CWE blog. I went back and read through all of your posts- what a great read! It's always refreshing to find someone who can write so creatively and entertainingly. And your backdrops have turned out beautifully- really nice work!

    Tom Patterson

  3. Thanks... how neat that I'm listed on the CW&E blog list!... wooo hooo

  4. Great!!!!
    One question - Does the chicken have a smart phone like the one in the commericial (he keeps sending photos to the farmer....)

  5. Of course, Marty- that's what he does!