Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Slight Correction

After numerous complaints from C&O fans about the condition of the caboose in the last post, it became clear that the car should be re-lettered to reflect its original owner. So check the "Yet Another Special Boxcar" post to see the correction.

My sincere apologies to all of you Chesapeake & Ohio Railway fans.


  1. Hi Tom,

    I like the new caboose much better, but as a C&O person, that is not surprising. Well done! I look forward to seeing you perform your usual painting and weathering magic on this car in the future and see what you come up with.



    Gerard J. Fitzgerald
    Charlottesville, Virginia

  2. This post is being made at the request of Bill "Smokey" Doll, superintendent of the Forest Park Southern.

    "The whole story is that the caboose was used on a transfer run to CWE at which time the CWE, which is always short of equipment, appropriated it to use in their pool freight service. Upon arrival in the terminal, the caboose was heavily damaged due to rough handling by an incompetent switch crew. The incident has been turned over to the FPS Legal Department for investigation and possible legal action.

    And THAT's THE TRUTH!!!!

    William A. Doll
    Forest Park Southern Railroad