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Engine Terminal
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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Continuing Adventures of the Mysterious Traveling Campfire

There were confirmed reports yesterday of an unattended campfire on the Forest Park Southern. This time, the campfire was captured on film by two people traveling through Beagle Creek and the photo below shows the campfire dangerously close to the general store.

Mysteriously, though, as soon as local officials rounded the corner to check out the fire- it was gone. There was a note tacked to the wall of the general store, however, that warned of more dastardly deeds. It said another fire had been planted and was burning and offered the following clues as to its locations:
1) The perpetrators are vertically challenged.
2)  It's not where it appears to be in the photo.
3)  It's not in a building.

Forest Park Southern officials are relieved that the fire is not purportedly in a building after the disastrous destruction of the roundhouse roof at Random which was caused by a similar act of vandalism. Local officials are concerned, though, given the inability of the railroad's local officials to find similar fires in the past. Said the mayor of Beagle Creek, "I hope we don't have to call in the CEO of Forest Park Industries on order to find the fire. Several other communities around here have had to do that in the past. It's hard to believe these railroad guys can't find a fire. Most of us around here just look for the smoke."

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  1. Forest Park Southern officials say that they received a report this morning from a train crew, while waiting for a signal at Bermuda, that they smelled something burning. Disembarking the engine to inspect the train they quickly realized that it wasn't the train, but the smell was coming from the creek. The dense fog from from the creek made it hard to see and their search was cut short because the Bermuda signal came up. The crew called in the report when they arrived at Beagle Creek. The FPS police were dispatched but came up empty.

    The mayor at Orly, who is becoming very upset, reports that their citizens are seeing smoke in the hills above. The Orly police and volunteer fire department have been dispatched numerous times and haven't found anything. "These sightings are costing our beautiful town a fortune in overtime. I really wish the Forest Park Southern police would be more responsive and bring this to an end." There are rumors that Orly is thinking about suing the FPS for all the overtime.

    A. Perpetrator