Engine Terminal

Engine Terminal
EB-14 drifts into the siding at Big Chimney, WV.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Continuing Saga of the Mysterious Campfire

Over the weekend, reports surfaced of an unattended campfire somewhere along the Forest Park Southern right-of-way. Various sources claimed to have spotted smoke somewhere in the vicinity of Beagle Creek while others reportedly saw flames in the distance somewhere around Spook Mountain. Repeated attempts by railroad management to locate the fire were unsuccessful, which wasn't surprising to local residents. "Them people couldn't find the dang fire if they was sitting in it" said a resident of Beagle Creek. 

The Forest Service and local law enforcement officials have been called in to assist in the search. The authorities are confident the unattended fire will be found soon. As one member of Sheriff's Department said, "Where there's fire, there's usually smoke, and smoke isn't too difficult to spot, even on a cloudy day."

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