Engine Terminal

Engine Terminal
CX 351 westbound at Summit Springs. August 1976

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I finally bit the bullet and picked up video camera. While crude by any standards, as I certainly have a lot to learn about everything related to video, I thought it would be fun to post a few videos. So here goes.

First up, COXL 41 heads east out of Logan Tunnel just after leaving Hollister Yard at North Pierce, WV.

Next, COXL 41 continues its eastward trek, rolling through Big Chimney, WV. The train is about to tackle the 2.5% grade up to State Line Tunnel and the border between West Virginia and Virginia at Summit Springs.

COXL 41 exits Camp 3 Tunnel above Big Chimney and heads up the grade to Cedar Falls Junction and State Line Tunnel.

Last up, COXL 41 is passing the signal that controls the approach to Cedar Falls Junction where the Sand Fork Branch leaves the main line.

Video seems to be even more unforgiving than photographs, as you can see every little twist and bump in the track work along with any problems related to the rolling stock (such as the leaning hopper car). But that can prove to be useful in finding problem areas before they crop up in an operating session.

This first foray into video has been fun, and I'm looking forward to learning more about all the cool things you can do with this medium.


  1. Hi Tom,

    WOW...this is really great! Beautiful layout too. Don't worry too much about the minor imperfections. They will always be there, just like Murphy. Excellent video and excellent layout! What kind of video camera did you get?

  2. Frank,

    Thanks for the kind comments. I purchased the Sony HDR-CX230- it seems to have all the features that I'll need. I'm going to use it primarily to shoot layouts and for rail fanning.


  3. Hi Tom,

    The videos are wonderful. I hope you shoot some more on the finished and maybe even some of the unfinished sections of the layout. It seems to me that you have captured the geographic essence of the region and your railroad look very REAL to me. Reminds me a great deal of those glimpses we saw of the V&O growing up. The topography, bridge placement, and roads are especially intriguing throughout not to mention the railroad modeling. All the shots have that "I've seen that place before" look which many modelers aspire to but which can be really difficult to pull off.

    Hopefully I can get out there sometime to see it in person.


  4. Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for the kind comments. I need to spend some time learning how to edit video, i.e. adding captions, titles, etc. I plan to do a layout tour video at some point which will include the unfinished sections of the layout. One of the first things I noticed in these videos is that it doesn't take long to tire of seeing long strings of hopper cars pass by (unless you're a die hard coal hauling railroad fan like me!). So I hope to be able to vary the coal train footage a bit and add some things that might be more interesting. I kind of excited about where this could go.

    You are welcome anytime- just give ma a little advance notice. Now that I'm retired, my schedule is pretty flexible.


  5. Very Nice Tom! You've inspired me to try my video camera again. Such a beautiful layout you've got there!

  6. Kevin,

    Thanks for the kind comments. You were one of the first people to encourage me to do some video, so I'm glad to return the favor. And I'm anxious to see some more video of the Washington Northern!