Engine Terminal

Engine Terminal
Empties tracks at the Laurel Ridge Prep Plant- Summit Springs, WV

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Motive Power

While waiting for the Dullcoat to dry on the Atlas cabooses, I finished a Stewart C628 that I purchased a number of years ago. I installed  a SoundTraxx TSU-AT1000 sound decoder and a Cal Scale diesel detail package. The photo below shows the unit at the engine service facilities at Hollister Yard.

The photo below shows the unit in service at the head of a hopper train getting ready to leave Hollister Yard heading east.

The Tsunami sound decoder sounds fantastic. The next step is to figure out how to shoot some video and add it the blog...


  1. Tom,

    So not only have you fantastic talent with building your layout and adding scenery, you also have an equal talent building & detailing locomotives! Mate love the C628, I have two myself (Bowser) in Reading Lines paint.


  2. Oh, I love that Alco. I have a pair of brass Alco Models C628 and a C420 painted in N&W. You've inspired me to get them out of storage and take a few pictures of them. They're probably crude compared to these Bowser models.

    Nice work Tom!

    - Hunter Hughson